Prospector 103 Quart Cooler White Marble

Prospector 103 Quart Cooler White Marble

222 Quart Long Cooler

Our 222 Long is the Patriarch of our line - it is a hard working cooler for anyone who needs a no compromise, cold for days cooler. The Long is a popular choice with professionals needing the best product for the challenging environments and is the cooler of choice for professionals working in the Colorado Grand Canyon corridor. THIS IS A SPECIAL ORDER ITEM


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The 222 Long is 'The Daddy' of all Canyon Coolers: the popular answer with professionals that need the best product for the most challenging environments. The 222 Long is the cooler of choice for professionals working the Colorado River Grand Canyon corridor - at any given moment at least one of these is down there keeping things chill. Fit and finish is not as refined as our Outfitter series, but if you are looking for performance and reasonable prices: this is it.

This workhorse cooler offers a great value for the commercial work. A little rough around the edges, with a cold, cold heart, it's the perfect cooler for a hard day's work. We recently added dividers, an integrated marine grade hinge, improved seal, tie downs in the handles, and marine grade EZCAM latches. This unit now comes with two easy-access front and side drain plugs.  The extra thick floor will completely self drain through the plugs. Our extra thick lid uses 4 latches and our supersoft extra thick AirTight seal keeps the cold where it belongs. 

Features & Specifications :

  • Capacity - 222 quarts/210 Liters 
  • Weight - 55 pounds
  • Approximate ice retention time - up to 27 days
  • Offshore sport fishing cooler (wahoo, amberjack, and medium tuna)
  • Big game cooler (elk, moose, several deer)
  • Beer trough for weddings or other big parties and events
  • Cowboy bath or ice therapy
  • Comes standard with marine grade EZCAM latches. 
  • Single piece mold with front and side drain plugs now with a super flexible silicon seal


  • Outside 52" L x 20.75" W x 22" H
  • Inside 45" L x 16" W x 16.5" H
  • Fits standard 18’ rafts and several 16’ rafts – the standard for Grand Canyon runs
  • Fits sideways or lengthwise in full size trucks

Beastly Insulation:

  • Huntsman High Density PU foam
  • Wall: 1.75 - 2.2" thick
  • Lid: 3” thick
  • Floor: 2” thick

"An outfitter on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon threw away ice from the 222 Long after 22 days in temperatures over 100 degrees ! It doesn't get any better than that."

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